VESTINA online shop is currently operating and until further notice only in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Croatia, so delivery to other EU Member States and outside the EU is not possible at this time. If you would still like to make a purchase with us and you are not a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or Croatia, please write to us at .

The delivery price is calculated in accordance with the price list of the selected delivery provider.

After receiving the payment (except in the case of “cash on delivery”), we will send the ordered products within one to three (1 – 3) working days. In the event of congestion, we reserve the right to extend this period. If the ordered products are not currently in stock, EMMA d.o.o. informs the customer on one of the given contacts about the expected date of delivery or delivery.

Shipping costs are charged when purchasing in online shop You are not obliged to pay any other additional costs of sending of the ordered products to the postman or other delivery person. The buyer receives the goods delivered to the address in accordance with the rules of postal service providers.

In case of personal take away, the delivery cost is not charged.


In case of payment with cash on delivery, you will be charged a commission as the cost of payment via UPN order. The amount of commission depends on the amount of purchase. You can avoid the cost of commission in case of payment via transaction account, credit card or PayPal.